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Note: This is a unity file, so it doesn't run on Chrome. Please run it on Firefox

Created for Michigan State Intro to Game Development course. The first level was created to the course specifications, the second level is of my own design. There are major similarities between the first two levels in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.

The second level is endless, unlike the first level. There is a timer, but there is no way to continue beyond level 2. The timer on the second level is also decreased from 20 seconds to 15. In the first level, the spawn time for green objects (which give you points) is decreased, but the spawn time for white objects is increased (which gives you more time). The effect of this makes it easy to continue the game ass long as you want.

The second level also has some added platforms that move and block your shots. This makes it hard to aim at certain objects at the corner of the map, which increases the difficulty. By moving (or just aiming up) you can get around this. A hypothetical level 3 would add more of these, moving horizontally above you, which would force you to move around trying to get the best shot.

Finally, the second level also has the option of restarting the level or going back to level 1.

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