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WASD to move

Collect coins to progress level

This game does not work in Chrome, as it is a Unity file. Please play in another browser, such as Firefox.

Created as part of the Michigan State Intro to Game Development course. The first level is crafted to requirements of the class, save for a couple elements.

The second and third level are entirely of my own design. My goal with the second level was to create a level that would give the player a better grasp over the controls and would allow them to engage in low level puzzle solving. There are no enemies in the second level intentionally.

The third level was a combination of the two. I focused on what would be an interesting level that had some familiar elements (such as the ramps, jumps, and bridges) and what would make the enemies interesting (the camera view makes it hard to see the ones behind you, which are often hiding behind some blocks). This level certainly had some balance issues. Currently, I feel the level is too easy to beat, but changing the spawn rates by just one second would make it too hard. I did not have the time to find the perfect balance before the project was due, but I would like to return and add more content.

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